Smileys meaning for whatsapp

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Here is a list of all the meanings of each emoticon smiley in Whatsapp. Here are all the different key combinations for various smileys.
WhatsApp emoji are small stylized ideograms or often times smileys that originated in Japan. They are little illustrations that mimic or display people’s opinion or feeling. Bellow is the list of most popular WhatsApp Smiley Emoji Meanings explained.
The link below provides you with meanings of WhatsApp Smileys arranged by People, Places, Nature, Objects Symbols and others. To check the meaning of every WhatsApp Smiley, be sure to click on the particular Smiley’s link that will direct you further to the page with explanations.
Names and meanings of all the emojis in WhatsApp for iPhone and Android. Each emoji is shown, including the animated red heart emoji, middle finger emoji, and other emojis from the Apple emoji set.
Check various whatsapp smileys of places and symbol category. You can also find meaning of whatsapp smileys of that categories and refer them when needed.
WhatsApp Emoticons Meanings. Below I compiled a list of the shortcuts to emoji if you’re on WhatsApp. This option allows you to actually manually type in the smiley face, etc. without having to search for it in your emoji list.Best smileys app ever!
WhatsApp Emoticons smileys. Most users think of yellow smiley faces, if you hear or read the phrase “emoticon”. That’s not quite right, because with smiley are certain strings meant about “-D” that recreate a smiley.
The meaning of Emoji, smiley and stickers on Facebook and WhatsApp explained. Have a look at all those smileys you have been using on Social media....Facebook Common Stickers. Meep Sticker. Meaning. Smiling or Happy face.
I am using Meaning Of Smileys Whatsapp, old model android 4.0 version, but for me it's difficult to move this application to sd card, I need good space on my this phone to run other application fast and smooth, pls fix this Meaning Of Smileys Whatsapp as soon as possible...
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