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OGwhatsapp dual whatsapp account with gbwhatsapp, whatsmapp solo disa app apk. Use two whatsapp in one phone with whatsmapp, gbwhatsapp, og whatsapp 2016.No you can’t. You just use an one number whatsapp account in only one mobile.
Do you Have Two Whats App Numbers but have only one Android Smartphone. Don't Worry This Method is For you. With this method you cant use two WhatsApp Accounts Simultaneously in Single Android Smart Phone.
Once you install OGWhatsApp on your Android device, the app allows you to use two different telephone numbers with WhatsApp from the same smartphone. It?s much easier to install OGWhatsApp than it might seem at first.
is it possible to have on two phones the same whatsapp messages? No Whatsapp messages are stored locally on the phone, with periodic0. Can i restore more than one msgstore.db.crypt7 file in whatsapp? 0. Restore phone and keep whatsapp number after changing sim.
Warning After the setting up WhatsApp on a device, the number you have your account set up for is the one you'll have. You can not, at least not to my knowledge, have one device run WhatsApp for two different phone numbers.
Can we run two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile? Can we use Dual WhatsApp in our android device? Can we run WhatsApp with two different mobile numbers on the same phone?
WhatsApp is a very popular messaging apps. You can download it from anywhere from android apps store. But you can use only 1 WhatsApp account in one device. But, You can't install another WhatsApp for your second number. But now, I have solution for this.
Want to use your two numbers or WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus instead of one? Then install OGWhatsApp .5. Execute the Original application WhatsApp and now recorded its second issue of WhatsApp .
Your WhatsApp account can only be verified with one number on one device. If you have a dual SIM phone, please note that you still must choose one number to verify with WhatsApp. There is no option to have a WhatsApp account with two phone numbers.
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