Use whatsapp on two phones

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Use Two WhatsApp Accounts in a single Android phone - Продолжительность: 2:32 mrinal saha 28 773 просмотра.Use WhatsApp on Two Mobile Phones with Same Number Simultaneously - Trick Unleashed - Продолжительность: 2:17 Techie Somesh 357 просмотров.
Your WhatsApp account can only be verified with one number on one device. If you have a dual SIM phone, please note that you still must choose one number to verify with WhatsApp. There is no option to have a WhatsApp account with two phone numbers.
Yes, its possible. Not only on two devices, but on as number of devices you want. Note: you will need ROOT permissions enabled on the phones.that's all , you are ready to use WhatsApp on both the phones with same number.
Step 1 Install WhasApp on the two devices you want to use it on. Step 2 On both devices, when starting WhatsApp for the first time, give it the phone number you want.
This is the easiest method to hack WhatsApp to use Same Number on Two Different phones regardless Android or iOS or any other but one will be very easily be using Two different phones to use Same WhatsApp number!
is it possible to have on two phones the same whatsapp messages?Say on the 2nd device (whatsapp cannot be used simultaneously actually), when a message arrives, same thing happens and u have a backup of file.
Most of the people are now using Dual-SIM smartphones which can be used for personal as well as official usage. It has become quite common for all the smartphone users. But, Have you ever tried to use two WhatsApp accounts on a single mobile phone?
It is quite possible to actually use one WhatsApp account on two mobile devices. It is made possible by a new feature on WhatsApp called WhatsApp Web. This is the key to finally using one WhatsApp account on multi phones.
Tips Tricks: How to use the same WhatsApp account on two different phones at the same time.One of the downsides of WhatsApp is that it every WhatsApp account is associated with a single phone number making its use limited to one phone at a time.
Then why don’t you use two whatsapp accounts in a single mobile phone ?Actually is it possible to install dual whatsapp accounts in one smart phone ?. The answer is Yes.
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