Android get phone number from whatsapp

Android get phone number from whatsapp. Нажимайте кнопку "Подробнее" и смотрите всю информацию, или же посмотрите видео

Verify the same phone number in WhatsApp that you had when you backed up your chats.WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia.Get in touch.
Go to WhatsApp Settings Account Change number. Enter the number currently verified on WhatsApp in the old phone number box.WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia.Get in touch.
How can I programmatically get the phone number of the device that is running my android app?if(actype.equals("com.whatsapp")){ String phoneNumber =; } Of course you may not get it if user did not install Whatsapp, but its worth to try anyway.
It doesn't. It's not possible for an app to get the phone number. Whatsapp asks for the number manually and it sends you a verification code by sms.
So you can setup your second account with a new cell phone number in Whatsapp+ without rooting. See more Whatsapp tips and tricks. How To Get 2 Whatsapp Accounts On One Android Phone, Single SIM Without Root. Download and install Whatsapp+ from the link given above.
How to Get Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature.OGWhats App is a very useful tool for users who want to have two WhatsApp telephone numbers on their single Android device.Step to Install Dual whatsapp in one Android Phone.
How to use whatsapp without phone number or without mobile number. WhatsApp developers released this whatsapp app to almost all platforms like Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and windows phone.
I got a new number and registered it in a separate phone(nexus). (airtel) My old number was up and running on another phone(iphone).(vodafone).Change or Remove the Profile Picture in WhatsApp Messenger for Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone.
More details on how this can be achieved can be found here: How To Get A Push Notification From WhatsApp When A Specific Contact Comes Online.Android: Launch WhatsApp and hit the Menu Button Settings Account Change Number. Now enter the current phone number in the first box...
Tracking an Android phone users location by just using its mobile number is now a very easy thing to do.And you do not need to download and install other tool – We got an online-based Whatsapp Hacker Tool which can be accessed online.
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